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How to Fight a Speeding Ticket in Indiana

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2020 | Traffic

A speeding ticket can cost in a lot in the state of Indiana. To be honest, getting a traffic or speeding ticket can actually cost you in a number of ways. In addition to the fines and associated fees, your auto insurance rates could go up, you could have your license suspended, and even worse, if you don’t pay your fine, you run the risk of being arrested. But is it possible to learn how to fight a speeding ticket in Indiana? Can a traffic violation lawyer get you out of a speeding ticket? With Indiana speeding ticket prices and Indiana speeding fines running as high as they are, it’s a good thing that there is a process to help you fight the traffic ticket received on the Indiana roadways. A great start is by calling Indiana traffic violation law firm, D Turner Legal, LLC at 317-721-4783.

Fighting a Speeding Traffic Ticket.

Because you’ve been unfortunate enough to get a speeding ticket in Indiana, doesn’t mean you deserved it. Fighting a speeding ticket in Indiana can at times can be a difficult proposition. However, with the costs of speeding tickets in Indiana being so high, it makes the idea of fighting a speeding ticket worth the time and effort to try to beat the speeding ticket.  Some of the repercussions for receiving a number of speeding tickets in Indiana, outside of the length that a speeding ticket stays on your driving record include:

  • Increased insurance rates
  • Points added onto your driving record
  • Fines
  • Court costs
  • Defensive driving/Traffic school
  • License suspension
  • Arrest

While the amount of increases in insurance premiums can vary greatly, you can be sure that your insurance rates will most definitely increase to a degree where you will definitely feel the effects a speeding ticket in your wallet.

Ready to Fight an Indiana Speeding Ticket?


Know the State Laws When Fighting a Speeding Ticket.

Every state differs slightly in how their court systems handle speeding ticket cases. In the state of Indiana, you only have 60 days from the date of the speeding ticket to either plead guilty and pay the ticket or to plead ‘not guilty’ and have your day in court. The instructions of how to fight the speeding ticket, if you so decide, should be clearly explained to you by the police officer when you receive the speeding ticket, as well as being clearly stated on the reverse side of the speeding ticket.

Speeding Laws in Indiana Vary. Greatly.

In Indiana, the speed limit varies, and is based entirely on the area. The speed limits in Indiana are as follow:

  • 15 mph in alleyways
  • 30 mph in an urban area
  • 65-70 mph on interstates and highways (for most vehicles). The interstate or highway should be located outside an urban district to drive at this speed limit. As an example, I-70 has an increased speed limit when outside of I-465.
  • 55 mph on all the other state highways and state roads

The speed limit in Indiana is an “absolute”. This means is that if the posted speed limit is 35 mph and if you are recorded driving at 36 mph, then you are in violation of the traffic law and can be issued a speeding ticket for violating posted traffic laws. Here is a current Indiana BMV guide which outlines Indiana traffic laws.

Fight Your Ticket. With a Strategy!

Walking into traffic court unprepared can result in a lost traffic court case. Know your approach to beating your traffic ticket beforehand, and be ready to argue and to back your argument up with facts. Popular legal strategies for fighting speeding tickets include:

  • Challenging the officer’s observations or conclusions of the situation where the citation was issued
  • Establishing that your driving was to stay out of harm’s way
  • Establishing a legal justification for violating the posted speeding limits
  • Establishing a mistake of fact, such as a speed limit sign being obscured by trees, bushes or some other type of plant or an improperly functioning traffic light

Hire a Traffic Violation Lawyer

Indiana speeding laws can become complicated and thus convoluted fairly quickly, leaving a wide space individual interpretation. Traffic violation lawyers help in fighting speeding tickets more efficiently and effectively, by constructing an approach to fighting the speeding ticket as one that achieves your ultimate goal. Which is either winning or lessening the effect that a speeding ticket can have on your life. Receiving a speeding ticket most always comes with serious implications, and it may be in your best interest to fight the ticket in traffic court.  A traffic lawyer may be able to negotiate a lesser charge and enable you to plead guilty to a non-moving violation which will not appear on your driving record and fortunately, won’t increase your insurance rates.

Fighting a Speeding Ticket

Figuring out how to fight a speeding ticket in Indiana can be a decision that can have serious monetary as well as legal implications. It’s always best, if you are unfortunate enough to receive a ticket for speeding, that you consult with a traffic lawyer that can help you understand the options available to you so that you can make the best and most informed decision in fighting a speeding ticket. If you have received a speeding a ticket and you are considering fighting the speeding ticket, give our office a call at 317-721-4783 to speak with an expert traffic lawyer today.