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The Stakes Are High With Assault And Domestic Violence Charges

Having any type of violent crime on your record can interfere with employment, housing and even custody of your children. This is especially true of a domestic abuse conviction. The consequences go beyond the jail time or fines you might face.

If you are accused of domestic violence or other types of assault charges in Indiana, contact our attorneys at DTurner Legal, LLC. We take these charges seriously and will fight for you by telling your side of the story and constructing a strong defense such as self-defense or mistaken identity.

Assault And Battery Charges In Indiana

Indiana often defines assault as the threat of violence, the most common of these codified as intimidation or harassment. Battery, on the other hand, includes actually touching another person in a “rude, insolent, or angry manner,” such as grabbing their arm, pushing them or hitting them with your hand or another object under IC 35-42-2-1.

These cases can range from misdemeanors to very serious felony charges. Often, severe or permanent physical damage done to a victim or the use of a weapon can quickly increase the offense to aggravated battery. This can lead to long prison sentences.

Fighting Allegations Of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence has its own laws separate from other assault charges in Indiana. They apply to violent or threatening acts toward a spouse, current or former romantic partner, family member or household member. The acts can include:

Domestic battery is the most common domestic abuse charge and can include any level of unwanted, aggressive touching, and is often charged at the misdemeanor level. Subsequent charges, situations involving children as witnesses or victims and altercations that leave a victim with at least moderate bodily injury can raise to a felony-level offense. In addition to the criminal charges, you may also need assistance with defending yourself in civil court against a protective order.

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