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What Could A Probate Violation Mean For You?

If you are serving probation as part of your sentence, you do not want to jeopardize it and risk incarceration. Unfortunately, probation often comes with many strict rules and regulations you must follow, and you may face allegations that you broke those rules, even if they are not true. When that happens, you need a lawyer who understands the system and has the skills to defend you.

The attorneys at DTurner Legal, LLC, are ready to help you protect your freedom. We focus exclusively on criminal defense and seeking justice for our clients in the Indianapolis metro area. Do not take chances with your probation status. Allow us to help you. We can also defend you in the case of parole violations.

What Are The Violations?

The terms of your probation or parole are specific to your offense, but many people on probation must follow some similar rules. For example, most people need to check in with their assigned probation or parole officer on a regular basis and cannot commit new offenses. Common violations include:

  • Failing to appear for a scheduled meeting or drug test
  • Violating curfew
  • Violating a protection order
  • Leaving rehab or leaving the area without permission
  • A new arrest
  • A positive test for drugs or alcohol
  • Failing to complete community service

In some cases, you may have to wear an ankle monitor and be confined to your home. Leaving your home or going somewhere out-of-bounds could get you in trouble.

What Are The Consequences?

Punishment for a probation violation will depend on several factors. The judge has the discretion to reinstate the full measure of your sentence, but more common consequences include:

  • Court costs and fines
  • Additional restrictions
  • Community service
  • Jail time
  • Loss of your driver’s license

We will work hard to minimize any impact of your violation. This may include arguments about the willfulness of your violation. For example, perhaps you have been paying your fine in good faith but cannot afford the payment amounts. You may have had a reasonable excuse for missing your meeting with your probation officer. Whatever the situation, we will work with you to represent your best interests.

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