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How Many Points to Suspend a License?

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2020 | Traffic

After so many improper U-turn tickets, speeding tickets and maybe a no brake or no signal light tickets, there’s a good chance that you are going to need a traffic lawyer. Why? Outside of the obvious need for a defensive driving course, the amount of points that you would have accumulated would actually result in you having a suspended license.

The Points System

There are certain common moving violations result in points on your record. For example,

  • Reckless Driving
  • Improper U-Turn
  • Unsafe lane movement
  • Speeding
  • Failure to Yield to an emergency vehicle
  • Speed contest on road

If you are caught driving with a suspended license, there’s a good chance that you’ve reached the threshold of points to suspend your license. The point value relates to the severity and history of the violation or accident. Points stay active on your driver record for two years from the date of conviction. According to IC 9-14-8-3, if you were to accumulate twenty points within a 24 month period of time will result in a one month suspension of your license. This is addressed in Sec. 4 of the law which states the following:

(a) Points assessed for any violation shall become inactive twenty-four (24) months after the disposition date of the violation.

(b) A person accumulating twenty (20) or more active points, after any credit earned by completion of a driver safety program, within a twenty-four (24) month period shall receive a penalty corresponding to the number of active points. A person receiving a penalty under this section has the administrative review rights provided under IC 4-21.5-3. The penalties are as follows:

(1) Fourteen (14) to eighteen (18) points will result in a warning notice from the bureau to the affected person.(2) Twenty (20) points will result in a one (1) month suspension.(3) Twenty-two (22) points will result in two (2) months suspension.(4) Twenty-four (24) points will result in three (3) months suspension.(5) Twenty-six (26) points will result in four (4) months suspension.(6) Twenty-eight (28) points will result in five (5) months suspension.(7) Thirty (30) points will result in six (6) months suspension.(8) Thirty-two (32) points will result in seven (7) months suspension.(9) Thirty-four (34) points will result in eight (8) months suspension.(10) Thirty-six (36) points will result in nine (9) months suspension.(11) Thirty-eight (38) points will result in ten (10) months suspension.(12) Forty (40) or more points will result in eleven (11) months suspension.(13) Forty-two (42) or more points will result in twelve (12) months suspension.

(c) If, during any twelve (12) month period, a person has committed three (3) moving traffic offenses, the bureau may, upon written notice, require the person to submit to an administrative hearing.

(d) The violation shall remain a part of the person’s record even though, for purposes of this rule, the points assessed shall become inactive twenty-four (24) months after the disposition date.

(e) If a court of competent jurisdiction vacates, dismisses, amends, or otherwise modifies a violation, the bureau shall within a reasonable period of time after receiving the abstract of court record modify the pending or existing excessive points suspension. After that point, A hearing is set, and either you will receive an automatic license suspension or you can at that time petition the court for specialized driving privileges.

It’s important to fight a speeding ticket or a moving violation when you receive one. Your lifestyle literally depends on the outcome of the violation.

Do You Have Enough Points to Suspend Your License?

If you have accumulated 20 points in a 24 month period of time, you will receive an automatic one month drivers license suspension. Call Indiana criminal law firm, D Turner Legal, LLC at 317-721-4783 for help if you have enough points to suspend your drivers license. There are still options if your license has been suspended. Call now.