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What is Non-Reporting Probation

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2020 | Probation

Non-reporting probation requires a person to anything else but not get in trouble. The judge advises the person to stay out of trouble. Non-reporting probation is considered an option for an individual convicted of a lower level, non-violent offense. If you have been charged with committing a crime, non-reporting probation could be an option. Call an Indianapolis criminal defense attorney at 317-721-4783 to speak about your available options.

What is Probation

Probation is a level of community supervision that allows a person convicted of a crime the chance to remain in the community instead of going to prison or jail. Probation requires that you comply with certain court-ordered rules and conditions under the supervision of the probation office. Conditions of probation often include:

  • Community service
  • Meeting with your probation officer
  • Refraining from using illegal drugs
  • Refrain from using alcohol
  • Avoiding contact with the victim
  • Avoid contact with other individuals on probation or parole
  • Report any interactions with police
  • Attend all court dates

 How Do I Get Non-reporting Probation?

Often with the help of an attorney, an offender can negotiate non-reporting probation terms by doing the following simple things.

Do Not Violate Probation Terms

First and foremost, the goals of any individual on probation is that they should not to violate probation supervision ordered by the court. Substantive probation violations included. If you happen to violate probation in Marion county, you need to speak with a Marion county probation violation attorney.

Pay Court Fines, Costs and Restitution (if required) in Full

Often the conditions of probation may be to pay court costs, fines and in some cases restitution. The court fees, particularly restitution, are part of non-reporting probation, as other costs may be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. There are usually terms of probation service fees, fines, mandatory assessment, and fees to the victim’s account, also known as restitution. The fact is that probation costs money. It’s no secret that when no money is owed to the court, the judge is more likely to keep the offenders costs low by allowing them to have or non-reporting probation.

Is Non-Reporting Probation an Option?

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What are the Conditions of Non-reporting Probation?

Obey All Laws When on Probation

Any offender on non-reporting probation is expected to obey local, state, and federal laws. If there is a failure, that is a direct violation of probation, and there is a good chance that not only will non-reporting probation non be an option, but regular reporting probation could immediately be revoked. In addition, the individual on non-reporting probation or traditional probation for that matter, MUST report any police contact to the supervising probation officer within 72 hours. Traffic tickets included!

Performing Community Service

Often a condition of probation is community service. However, the goal of the criminal justice system is reform. When an offender positively gives back to the community  in the form of service projects, this can be seen as beneficial, and the court COULD take this into consideration when determining the level of supervision by the probation department.

Remaining Gainfully Employed

Any offender that is seeking non-reporting probationary terms should remain on gainfully employed at all times. Often the requirement to remain in school and to maintain employment are conditions of probation.

Consistent Reporting to the Probation Officer

The offender is expected to be in contact with the probation officer through mailing reporting forms, calling the probation officer, or meeting with probation at least every 90 days.

Can You Leave the State on Non-Reporting Probation?

Generally speaking, a condition of probation is that you are not allowed to leave the state. Though, it is often a possibility with a few conditions such as, obtaining permission from the court as well as the probation office. Traveling outside the country while on probation, is almost always expressly prohibited.

Can You Violate Non-Reporting Probation?

A probation violation occurs when an offender breaks the terms of the probation. Take note, that if the offender commits and is convicted of a crime during the probationary period, that would be considered as a violation of probation.

Do You Think You Should be Considered for Non-Reporting Probation

Non-reporting probation is an option that often goes unexplored. With the right criminal attorney, non-reporting probation could be an option for you. Call our office to speak with an attorney to determine if it is an option for you!