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How to Get a Drug Possession Charge Dismissed

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2021 | Drug Crimes

How to get a drug possession charge dismissed is one of the most important legal issues you can face. Being charged with a drug crime can be an unsettling experience, one that can leave you feeling vulnerable and confused about the charges against you. If you are facing such a charge, there are several ways that your lawyer can help. There is no doubt that you have suffered some damage to your reputation due to this situation. It is important to hire a skilled professional who can help you fight for your freedom from this charge.

Unfortunately, drug crimes carry serious penalties. In many states, Indiana included, possession of drugs for sale or consumption are punished with long-term prison sentences and mandatory DUI jail terms. Drug possession is defined as “the unlawful possession of a narcotic, street drugs, or an addictive substance, including any salts, compounds, and extracts that are derived from the nature or materials of any drug.” According to the Drug Enforcement Administration, these types of charges “often result in significant negative impacts on victims and their families, as well as on the community at large.” The penalties associated with drug possession include fines, mandatory minimums, and lifetime felony sentences. The drug charges often reflect the “spread” of the charges throughout the local jurisdiction and can impact a person’s ability to find employment, to rent an apartment, and to do many of the things that make life comfortable.

If you have been arrested and charged with a drug crime, it is imperative that you seek the advice of an experienced attorney. A good attorney will be familiar with the drug charges process and know how to best defend you in court. The Drug Abuse Defense Attorneys Association (DAAA) offers a wide range of drug crime defense attorneys who specialize in drug crimes, possession, and manufacture. The Drug Abuse Defense Association also offers a resource directory that allows you to search for an attorney near you.

Many times drug crimes are not discovered until a warrant has been served on a house or car. This discovery often turns up evidence of drug use inside the home or car, even when the defendant has been declared not guilty by a judge. In order to fight these charges, it is important to hire an aggressive defense lawyer who can aggressively investigate the case and gather witnesses and other evidence to build your case against the defendant. A good attorney will bring to the table expert testimony from medical experts who can testify that the defendant’s drug use did not contribute to his or her current health problems.

Another way to challenge the charges is to argue that the drug crimes were actually committed in another state, while the defendant was not actually present in that state. In cases such as these, the government must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that your presence in another state is relevant to proving your guilt. Many times this proof comes only after the defendant has already been imprisoned for a drug offense in another state. It is important to retain a skilled attorney who knows how to build this kind of defense. These attorneys can use their knowledge of the law to help you avoid jail time, reduce your fines, and achieve other important results.

Drug crimes are not the only criminal offenses which produce mandatory minimum prison sentences. Anytime someone is arrested for operating or dealing in any type of illegal drugs, the defendant may also be subjected to jail time. This can include possession of illegal drugs with intent to sell or distribute, dealing in drugs for personal use without a valid prescription, or manufacturing or cultivating any type of controlled substances. Even if the defendant has a prior record of drug convictions, it is possible for them to be subjected to lengthy jail terms if they are tried for these types of offenses even if they have not actually used the drugs in question. This is one of the most common ways how to get a drug charge dismissed.

If you have been arrested for or accused of any type of drug crime, it is important to contact a drug crime defense attorney as soon as possible. These lawyers are well experienced at handling cases involving serious offenses, including possession of controlled substances, distribution of drugs, and production or cultivation of controlled substances. They will work aggressively to secure the rights of those accused of committing drug crimes, often working closely with the prosecution to build a strong defense for their client. If you have been accused of any type of drug offense, it is important that you contact an experienced defense attorney immediately to discuss your case.

The criminal charges and accompanying criminal records of those who have been charged with drug crimes can have a negative impact on their personal and professional lives. If you have been arrested for distributing, using, or manufacturing drugs, it is important that you contact a drug crime lawyer as soon as possible. Your case may be dismissed if the drug charges are reduced or dismissed by the court. In addition, you may be entitled to additional compensation for being accused of this crime.