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Indiana makes consequential change to state gun laws

On Behalf of | May 15, 2023 | Gun Crimes

Gun laws have been a frequent topic in the news with debates about regulating their purchase, whether people can carry them, permit regulations and more. Indiana is generally gun friendly having recently repealed a law that required people to have a permit when carrying a handgun.

However, concerns over gun adaptations like a device that would adapt a gun and essentially turn it into a machine gun sparked attempts to outlaw them. With that, the state has outlawed these devices. This could lead to people facing gun charges and they should be aware of the various laws that might impact them as they prepare a defense.

What does the new law entail?

The law, signed by Gov. Eric Holcomb, would make it a crime if a person has a device to change the way a gun works into a machine gun. Glock switches are included. Federal law had already prohibited this prior to Gov. Holcomb signing this new law making it a state crime as well.

The concern about these devices is that they dramatically enhance the weapon’s built-in firing speed meaning more bullets can be shot in a shorter time-period. In the past, these laws and prosecuting them was contingent on federal charges.

Now, local police can make arrests and charge people with felonies because possessing a machine gun is against the law. A major concern is that these devices can be constructed by 3-D printers. There have been shooting incidents with them in the state in 2023.

When facing gun charges, it is vital to understand how to lodge a defense

People who have guns should know that there are still laws in place that regulate them. That includes devices that adapt how they can be used. This law is so new that people might not even know they have been put in effect. That could result in them being charged with having this device and facing the potential ramifications for a conviction.

Criminal charges can result in long-term problems financially, personally and professionally. No matter the circumstances of the allegations of gun crimes, the first step is to understand what can be done to address them and avoid the worst penalties. Having comprehensive assistance is important from the beginning.