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Does a nonprohibited person still need a license to carry a gun?

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2023 | Gun Crimes

Indiana’s firearm carry laws have recently seen some changes. Specifically, individuals who do not meet the definition of a “prohibited person” no longer need a license to carry a handgun, shotgun or rifle within the state.

This change aims to simplify the process for law-abiding citizens who wish to exercise their Second Amendment rights. However, there may be instances when even a nonprohibited person might still need a license.

Who is a “prohibited person”?

A “prohibited person” in Indiana is someone with a criminal record or certain disqualifying factors, such as being subject to a restraining order or having been adjudicated as mentally ill. If you fall into this category, it is important to note that carrying a firearm without a proper permit can result in serious legal consequences.

Why consider a permit even if you are not “prohibited”?

While those who do not meet the “prohibited person” criteria may not need a license to carry a gun in Indiana, applying for one may still be advisable. Here is why:

  • Reciprocity: If you plan to travel outside of Indiana with your firearm, having a concealed carry permit can be helpful. Indiana has reciprocity agreements with many other states, which means those states may recognize your permit and allow you to carry it legally when you cross state lines.
  • Peace of mind: Carrying a firearm is a significant responsibility. Obtaining a concealed carry permit proves your commitment to safety and responsible gun ownership. It provides you with valuable knowledge about firearm laws and usage, ensuring you are better prepared to handle your weapon safely.

Note that even if you do not need a license, Indiana law has some clear guidelines on where you can and cannot carry your firearm.

Indiana’s firearm laws have become more permissive for those who are not “prohibited persons.” However, it is crucial to understand your eligibility and the potential benefits of obtaining a concealed carry permit. Always prioritize safety, education and compliance with the law when exercising your Second Amendment rights.