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What is a straw gun purchase?

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2024 | Gun Crimes

A straw purchase is simply when someone purchases an item for someone else. For example, a straw purchase could be made for a car. But when it really becomes problematic is with a straw gun purchase, which is completely illegal.

These purchases are carried out in an attempt to get around standing gun laws. For example, someone may have a felony on their record, so they wouldn’t pass a background check and they could not legally purchase a firearm themselves. If they find a friend who would pass the background check, and they give that person money to buy a gun on their behalf, it is an illegal straw purchase.

Additional violations

Depending on the reason for this straw purchase, it could create other legal complications. If you’re involved in this type of situation, you could find yourself facing many different charges.

For instance, perhaps you are the person with the felony on your record, and you’ve been accused of a straw purchase because someone else bought a gun for you. But if they delivered that firearm and you are in possession of it, you may have committed another crime. Possession of a firearm is illegal since you have a felony, regardless of where you got the firearm from. You are even barred from doing things like borrowing or renting firearms from other individuals. The straw purchases just one potential legal charge.

What defense options do you have?

As you can imagine, these criminal cases are very complex and it’s critical to understand exactly what defense options you have. A conviction could change the course of your life.